Buying a book? Consider borrowing it for free!

Consider The Library is a simple Chrome Plug In that gently reminds those browsing for books on websites like Amazon or Waterstones that their local library* often has a copy of the book available on their shelves.

One of the downsides of reality is that readers are often forced to choose between all the books they want vs the books they can actually afford. Using CTL you can now choose to blend buying books with library loans and read everything you want.

Get The Plug In

Consider The Library can be downloaded from here (open a Chrome browser window and drag the CRX file into the browser window). It will shortly be available from the Chrome Plug In Store.

How It Works

Behind the scenes CTL searches webpages for ISBNs, when it finds one it checks your local library service’s collection and if they have available copies a small message is displayed to show which library branches have copies. Clicking the message takes you to the Talis Prism page detailing the library’s copies. Because the library stock search is triggered by the ISBN you only activate it when you look at the details page for a specific book not when you’re browsing your wishlist.

* All UK libraries using the Talis Prism catalogue sharing website.

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